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   The course has been included in the "PDAC"

The entire tuition fee can be paid with $6,000.

【ITEC Certificate in Professional Make-up Artist

This course is designed for people who are looking to begin their career as a makeup artist. This intensive course is specially designed to develop students’ practical and theoretical skills in the makeup artistry. Graduates can obtain the ITEC Makeup Certificate which is recognized internationally and can give you a head start into the industry.

專業化妝課程 PDAC
Hair Styling Course

This course is designed for people who want to extend their skills in hair styling. The course content include everything from simple bridal / evening looks to advanced styling techniques used in today’s fashion industry and high profile publications.

hair styling course

The courses are taught one by one from basic skin care to international professional beauty knowledge. In addition to making yourself more beautiful, you can also obtain the ITEC international certificate, become a professional beautician or open a beauty salon, beauty products, etc., and start your own business.

beauty couse
【Professional Wedding and Event Planner Course】

​​The course is organized by a number of senior wedding experts ( Bride Chaperone / MC / Florist / Bridal makeup artist, etc. ) to explain in depth the details of each wedding / banquet, as well as outings for internships to deepen understand and accumulate practical opportunities, and you can also obtain the TQUK international certificate and become a professional wedding and banquet coordinator.

wedding planner course
【Special EffectsStage and Media Makeup Course

The content of the course is to master makeup knowledge and skills in multiple areas, including makeup design for different stage performers, coordination between performance makeup and stage, commercial shooting and lighting layout and makeup design, etc., with various tools and supplies, and the use of different makeup techniques to create coordination. Theme and identity character makeup and styling.

special effects course
【Professional Bridal Makeup Course

The course can easily master various bridal makeup styles, theme makeup and styling techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to personally participate in outdoor shootings and assist the bride with makeup. Suitable for those who have personal interests or intend to enter related industries.

bridal makeup course
【Basic Glamor Makeup Course

This course is designed for people who want to learn basic professional makeup techniques so to create a stunning and glamorous look.

​ITEC International Award certificate


Elite Makeup Award Certificate

Elite Cert
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