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What is Corporate Image?

Whether we realize it or not, our attire or appearance set a picture in other people’s minds of the kind of person we are.  It is about connecting with people; it is a global dialogue and is of the utmost important.

Corporate Image is a combination of style and discipline, to project an image of organization’s culture and ethics, it also enhance the value and personality of yourself.  The most valuable assets – employees are the face of your organization, are your employees presentable & well-polished? Are they projecting a professional and positive image consistent with your company’s Image, brand value and align with your company’s vision?


Benefit of a positive Corporate Image

Have you ever think of how to strengthen the connections with the / improve clients’ relationship?

Never underestimate the power of professional attire and appearances give your esteem-customer a flawless impression and create a long lasting impact to your relationship with your customers


Our Service and how we can help you

We develop and conduct corporate image trainings for front-line staffs, private and public sectors of all corporate industries.  Our programs not limited to sharpen employee’s image, also help to increase employee’s self-confidence, motivation which creates positive morale at the workplace.  When they look good, they feel proud to be part of the company - to greater performance that lead to company’s success.

Our services can help you to achieve:



Presentable and smart employees can impress your customers and draw their attention right away, we are honor to help you and your company enhance the customer’s experience and exceed their expectation. Are you ready to take extra miles ahead of you competitors and stand out from your industry?


Please take a look on what our offerings are:

l   Training Flow Design

Understand and analyze the training requirement of corporations, training aim and target

l   Content Design

Tailor the training plan and content according corporations’ time and budget. Training content can includes Grooming, Professional Image, Attire and Appearance, Etiquette

l   Providing Training

Training conduct by our professional tutors, free supply of cosmetics and hair styling tools used in lessons, free supply of notes. We also supply training venue


l   Evaluation

Collect opinions from students, evaluate the training effectiveness with corporations. Suggest sustainable improvement, establish learning/ guiding handbook.


Our Courses

Business Image  (Grooming & Etiquette)

By completing the workshop, you should be able to implement the people skills required in today’s competitive business world. Through learning the skill and techniques on how to present a positive and professional image, you will be able to distinguish yourselves in the workplace, increase your bottom line and outclass the competition.


Corporate Training  (Staff Branding)

By completing the training, your employees should be able to project a professional image consistence with your brand and company’s values, more than that, it can increase your employees’ self-confidence and help to enhance a positive morale at workplace, leading to greater performance and company’s success.


Our Training Team

Our group of expert trainers all has internationally recognized teaching and training qualification and are highly experienced in corporate image. We had conducted professional training in a variety of industries such as Hotels, Retail, F&B just named a few.


Contact us for more information or a-face-to-face meeting.

Phone: (853) 2871 8724 / 6399 8210


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For any enquiries or comments, course registrations, you are welcomed to contact us by leaving a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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